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Wichtige Hinweise zur Weihnachtsfeier
Fotoprojekt "Ich bin ein Berliner"
Especially to Pacific Islanders from: Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall-Isl, Mikronesia, Nauru, Palau, PNG, Salomons,
Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu

Dear Friends, Please find below an introduction about an interesting project where some individuals from the Pacific are requested, at least one per country. The father of the project, photographer Georg Krause, will be with us at the 14th of December and I hope lot of members, of our Pacific Islander family in Germany will participate, at least one per country.
(We did not identify somebody from Nauru, Palau, Marshall Islands and FS Micronesia in Germany yet. If you know somebody, please let me know asap.)

The name of the Project is:     "Ich bin ein Berliner = I am a Berliner"

It was the very simple, but Germany wide known statement of John F Kennedy, when he visited Berlin in June 1963, stated in front of the city hall Schöneberg.

Today people originating from more than 190 countries of the world live in Berlin.
We all together should give a sign that we are all just human beings and we should live together in peace, with respect, tolerance and understanding. The project should be a sign, a “voice”, a statement for a peaceful understanding and against the racist right wing movements who want to separate all people instead of being together.

The project’s website: www.ichbineinberliner190.de (Hier: "OZEANIEN")

It would be great if we could find at least one participant per country who will participate. Selected Berliners (or from other cities) with migration background are asked to have taken a photo taken, and to write “I am a Berliner” in their native language at a paper which they will present to the photographer. The portrait photos with the written statements will be shown in an exhibition at the “Zentrum für Demokratie” in Berlin-Schöneweide. A catalogue with the photos ensures sustainability, as well as a website incl. blog / forum for further communication.

A photo session usually does not take more than 30 minutes. We appeal to all age groups.
You dress as you like: everyday clothing, festive clothing or traditional costumes.

You can bring your family, friends, animals, talismans, lucky charms - anything that is important to you. Everyone holds, you hold, a sheet of paper with some self-applied words, a short text or a drawing in his / her hand. Everyone is free to discuss what he is addressing and how he is currently formulating and visualizing his / her feeling of living in Berlin. You can bring the finished statement, but you can also create it on site. Material will be available. All data (family name / address, etc.) remain anonymous, only the first name and the country of origin appear as a caption.
Each participant receives his picture and is invited to the festive vernissage!
To get participants from the South Pacific is very difficult, since there are just a few in Berlin or other German cities. Therefore we hope you will participate with this important intercultural project. May I please assume you will participate a) with our Christmas event and b) with this project? If you do not come to our Christmas event and you are the only ‘representative’ of your country, do you know about another one the photographer may ask?

Thank you, please let me know what you think! Contact to the photographer Georg Krause through:
Manfred Assmann, German Pacific Society
germanpacific@aol.com / 030-49086337


Herzlich Wilkommen!

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